Мужской рюкзак фиолетовый Mercurial Soccer Backpack CU8168 573 Nike


Nike Mercurial Backpack * main compartment fastened with two-way zipper * front compartment, velcro fastening - ventilated * side pocket with a zipper * padded shoulder straps * a retractable bag at the front to carry e.g. a ball * the bottom of the backpack is made of waterproof material * composition: 100% polyester * black colour

The Nike Mercurial Backpack has all the gear you need on match day. An elastic cover on the front allows you to store the ball, an airy side pocket allows you to separate your shoes from other things, and a large compartment will accommodate the rest. The front stretch mesh bag stretches to accommodate a soccer ball. A zipped main compartment allows you to store your gear. A ventilated side pocket allows you to separate your shoes or cleats. A small pocket makes it easy to store your phone and other essentials. Water-repellent material with a coating on the hem keeps your belongings dry. The padded shoulder straps and the back panel ensure wearing comfort.

Цвет: Черный

Пол: Мужской

Размер: czarny

Тип: Спортивный рюкзак

Материал: Полиэстер

Бренд: Nike

Спорт: Football, Training

Категория: Спортивные аксессуары

Сборники: Mercurial

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